The Queen of Borneo

PandatariafilmThe Queen of Borneo

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Situated twenty-five miles off the south-eastern coast of Sabah (East Borneo), Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia. Its geographical location, conformation and favourable weather conditions are all responsible for inviting great banks of pelagic predators to the surrounding waters, and this has turned the island into an oasis for several endangered marine species. Thanks to the foresight of the Malaysian government and the intervention of local tour operators, the queen of Borneo is today a protected area, with a special statute in favour of turtles, the habitual guests of these sea beds.

  • Duration: 52′
  • Series: The Waves of Life
  • Episode 4
  • Direction: Salvatore Braca
  • Languages: Italian/English
  • Production Company: Diving World
  • Year of Production: 2010
  • Format: SD 720×576
  • Ownership of Rights: PandatariaFilm srl

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