The Waters of Val di Nievole

PandatariafilmThe Waters of Val di Nievole

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Water dominates the landscape in Val di Nievole, an area that stretches out along the border between the provinces of Pistoia and Florence. The area features two main natural attractions: the marshlnd of the Natural Reserve of Padule di Fucecchio and the Giusti thermal Grotto, a result of the hydro-morphological conformation of the rocky ridge overlooking the valley, which has favoured the accumulation of rain water for centuries. Sailing down the canals on board one of the traditional little boats a unique and spectacular landscape comes into view. Another important element is the presence of so many herons in the area that it could almost be called “Heron City”. Padule di Fucecchio represents the biggest inland marsh in Italy covering an area of 1800 hectares. The interest associated with this area doesn’t only depend on the landscape and the natural riches, but also on its history involving the great Medici and Lorena families. On May 13th every year, there is a “festival of marsh herbs” in Padule, featuring local artisans who still use the plants and herbs according to tradition.

  • Duration: 25′
  • Series: Sguardi dall’ Italia
  • Episode: 10
  • Direction: Andrea Quero – Eugenio Catalani
  • Languages: Italian/English
  • Production Company: San Polo Produzioni
  • Year of Production: 2012
  • Format: HD 1920×1080 PAL
  • Ownership of Rights: PandatariaFilm srl

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