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The cultural heritage of the Indios and of Brazil’s black people have risked being forgotten for far too long, but today, thanks to the new government attitude to development and information, these ethnic minorities have not only been able to safeguard their culture, but also to diffuse it. All the new technology available is used to tell their stories; in fact cutting-edge equipment such as video cameras, photo cameras, smart and mobile phones are handled with ease. Sebastian and Anagnes, the coordinators of the projects involving the Bahian indigenous community “Pataxò Hahahae” and the Afro-Brazilian “Caonje” community, show us the results of what they have managed to do which are now a symbol of their presence and of their cultural survival.

  • Duration: 52′
  • Series: Inside Adventures (15 Doc x 52′)
  • Episode: 3
  • Direction: Salvatore Braca
  • Languages: Italian/English
  • Production Company: Diving World
  • Year of Production: 2011
  • Format: HD 1920×1080 PAL
  • Ownership of Rights: PandatariaFilm srl

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