Hong Kong, Culture in Feast

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Hong Kong, situated in the extreme south of China, still preserves many of its ancient religious traditions. Veneration isn’t only prayer here; it also involves offerings of rice, tea and money, and of the preparation of small altars at any time during the day. In fact, religion is part of every and any moment of daily life and every aspect of existence. The worship of the dragon or the lion, representing strength and nobility, is still dominant in Chinese religion: during the festivities there are parades and side shows of acrobatics and dancing creatures with masks made of papier mache. Children, who are considered sources of purity, are educated from birth to seek for spiritual equilibrium. The profound observance of their religious beliefs is an integral part of every Chinese person’s life. The meditive silences of this people, spread out over the width and breadth of a vast country, are broken by the frenetic night life of the cities where the young want to live a different lifestyle.

  • Duration: 25′
  • Series: Colors of Life 1
  • Episode 17
  • Direction: Salvatore Braca
  • Languages: Italian/English
  • Production Company: Diving World
  • Year of Production: 2007
  • Format: SD 720×576
  • Ownership of Rights: PandatariaFilm srl

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