A cruise to the Andaman Islands

PandatariafilmA cruise to the Andaman Islands

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The Andaman Sea and its marvellous archipelago are the destination of this voyage. On board the schooner “Siren”, we set sail from the Bay of Bengal on our way to explore the remotest isles in the Indian Ocean. Our first stop is Havelock and then northwards towards Barren, an island that emerged violently from out of the depths of the sea millions of years ago and is still today the world’s only active volcanic island. Deep down in the waters below the volcano lies an unknown planet: stretches of black sand that host forms and colours that have never been seen before and that make of the Andaman islands a unique natural oasis. The people have an air of contentment about them that show that however difficult life is on the island, they have found a perfect balance and live in harmony with their surroundings.

  • Duration: 15′
  • Series: Mosaic II (12 Doc x 15′)
  • Episode: 1
  • Direction: Salvatore Braca
  • Version: Italiao/English
  • Production Company: Diving World
  • Year of Production: 2011
  • Format: HD 1920×1080 PAL
  • Ownership of Rights: PandatariaFilm srl

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